Lifting Protection

The different types of lifting protection

We offer 2 different types of protection for our lifting slings.

Webbing Sleeves:

Sleeves can be made to any length and moved along the sling to suit the application. These sleeves can be fitted with velcro, this makes the sleeve easy to remove or move to another part of the sling. It also enables the user to easily inspect the sling for damage. Alternatively webbing pads can be sewn to fixed points of the sling.

Sleeve for webbing Sling

Polyurethane Coating:

Ideal to protect from sharp edges, polyurethane sleeves are moulded onto a separate polyester sleeve the polyurethane gives high resistance to cutting and abrasion. It is ideal to suit the handling of sheet or coiled steel, concrete and plate glass. Sleeves are available for single or double sided protection.

Polyurethane Sleeve

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