Custom & Bespoke Slings

Manufactured just for you!

All of our webbing & round slings can be customised to be better suited to your needs.


Custom Lengths – Webbing slings can be made in any length


Custom Labels – Labels printed to include your logo, company name & own serial numbers


Printed Webbing – Webbing printed with text is available for all of our slings


We will never compromise on quality – All our slings are made in the UK, we don’t cut corners when it comes to your safety.

If you are in need of advice or guidance, please contact our Sales Team on 0161 627 0022 or email:

Bespoke Slings

Over the years we have worked with our customers to design & develop new products, these products were designed specifically for our customer’s needs.

If you’re in need of advice or guidance on any of our products, please contact our Sales Team on 0161 627 0022.

Boat Slings

A Well Rounded Service

We just keep getting better & better!

We are now able to offer our customers a faster service, larger selection & even more reliable than before.

What we can offer you: 

  • Next day service on a large range of our round slings
  • Technical support from our sales team
  • With over 30 years experience, we’re able to offer a competitive price on all of our products

Our round slings are available with a WLL of 1 to 125 tonnes, with a working length of up to 26 metres.

If you want to know more about our round slings, all the information can be found by clicking here.