Multi Leg Slings

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN1492-1 and BS EN1492-2. Trans-web’s range of Multi-leg slings combine either Duplex slings or Round slings with the finest quality Grade 80-100 steel components.

Textile parts of the system have a minimum safety factor of 7:1. In addition to the metal components having a safety factor of 4:1. As with all the systems that Trans-Web supplies, each component is individually marked and a test certificate is issued with each assembly.

The figures quoted in the tables are the working load limit values (WLL). Calculated by using the uniform load method, and are valid for a maximum angle of 45 degrees from the vertical for each leg.

Note: It is possible for slings to operate safely at angles greater than 45 degrees from the vertical. Trans-Web is happy to advise to offer advice and alternative combinations.

Multi Leg Sling