Lifting Protection

In order to carry out safe lifting procedures, many jobs require additional protection between the load and sling. To protect the sling from damage, webbing sleeves are strongly recommended.

Webbing Sleeves

Sleeves are available in any length and placed along the sling to suit the application. Sleeves are free to move along to any point that they are required.

If you require the sleeve to remain on fixed point of the sling, webbing pads can be sewn to the sling surface.

Polyurethane Coating

To protect the sling from sharp edges we recommend the use of polyurethane sleeves. Moulded onto a separate polyester sleeve the polyurethane gives high resistance to cutting and abrasion. Sleeves are available for single or double sided protection.

A polyurethane coating is the ultimate in lifting protection. It is available in many forms to suit the handling of sheet or coiled steel, concrete and plate glass. As well as other similar hazardous products.

Pre-use Checks

Inspect all products regularly during use. Extend these checks to both webbing and fittings. If any doubt exists as to fitness for use, remove the product from services for examination by a competent person.

Chemical environments

Take extreme care when using lifting products in a chemical environment. Other materials are available in cases where polyester is not safely acceptable. Trans-web would be happy to advise on safe handling within all normal and also in hazardous working environments.